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Travel Like a Pro – AirBnB SavvyTravel like a Pro

AirBnB is a great alternative for families from the usual hotel stay. You can travel like a pro and enjoy all the comforts of home when you use AirBnB, VRBO, or Homeaway as your choice for accommodations when traveling. These are all commonly chosen alternatives to the traditional hotel stay when you are traveling. What are they? They a hotel alternatives. Those listed above are lodging sites that functions as part of the sharing economy — essentially, people rent out their rooms, apartments, and houses to people looking for a place to stay. Hotel alternatives are very similar in the way they are managed and the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this post I will focus on AirBnb only.

Travel Like a Pro by Using AirBnB for my Families Stay?

  • More room
    • Rentals can vary but often are 1 or 2 bedroom homes or condos. This provides needed private time for parents away from their young children in the evenings.
  • Kitchen facilities
    • A fully equipped kitchen is a benefit. This allows for eating some meals like a pro
  • Free amenities
    • The things that you might need to have fun during your stay are often included. Bicycles, kayaks, free parking, games, TV with premium channels, and more. This reduces the total cost for your families activities.
  • Washer and Dryer
    • Free use of laundry facilities with the needed soaps available. Great for families with young children.
  • Located in a neighborhood
    • The locations are family friendly and away from high traffic business like a pro
  • Personal recommendations from host
    • Your host has recommendation of local, less expensive ideas for places to eat and attractions to visit.
  • Lower in price
    • For the amenities and space and extras offered the price is usually lower than a hotel stay.
  • Free reliable WiFi
    • The WiFi is included and very reliable because it is your hosts everyday connection.

Here Is How It Works

  • Getting started

    • Log into AirBnb and request your destination and dates for your stay.
    • Travel like a pro by select the filters that fit your families needs. (Room type,price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood and amenities.)
    • Do this search 3-6 months in advance of your stay for the best options available.
  • Creating a Profile

    • You are applying to rent someones home when you create your profile. Be as detailed as possible when you are providing the information. The benefit to you will be in finding the property that best sits your needs.
    • Put yourself in the place of the renter. What would you want to know if you were to rent out your own living space? In doing that you will be providing the renter with information they want to know to feel safe renting their space to you.
  • Finding the Right Propertytravel like a pro

    • Using the filters properly will have narrowed your search to the properties that fit your needs within your price range and for the dates of your stay.
    • Look at all the pictures and descriptions that are provided. Be sure you understand what it looks like and what is provided.
    • Read written reviews. You will get a feel for who has stayed there and what their experiences have been.
  • Send Your Request

    • Narrow your search to your top three places that you want to stay.
    • Ask any questions that you have about the property that you need clarification on. If you aren’t sure if there is soap or a bathtub or an outside space be sure that you ask before you book.
    • Avoid requesting your stay at the last minute. Allow plenty of time to be comfortable that all of your questions have been answered before booking.
  • Booking Your Property

    • After getting responses from you top three choices narrow your choice to the two best options
    • You now can feel free to ask any additional questions that you have thought of or make any special requests that will accommodate your comfort during your stay.
    • It is also possible to negotiate the price a little as well. Understand that the host is able to assign their own price and are not going to provide your stay for free. However if you have a reasonable request be sure to ask before making your final booking.
  • Be a Good Guesttravel like a pro

    • Be considerate of the space. You are a guest in someone’s home. Items that are listed in the agreement are the only items you have permission to use during your stay.
    • Keep the rental clean. Don’t leave a big mess for the owner to come back to.
    • Follow the guide lines for using and leaving the home that are provided.
    • Be cuteous to your host. They are a great resource for you during your stay. If something is not as you expected be sure that you communicate with your host so they can correct the issue.
  • Leave Fair Feedback

    • Your host has allowed you to use there property for your stay. They need your honest and fair feedback about your experience. Give honest and accurate feedback about your stay. The rental you booked was 30 minutes away from the city you wanted to visit when you booked your stay, and during your stay you found that to be inconvenient for you, it is not fair to comment negatively about the location. The host informed you of that upfront.
    • Be timely in your feedback. Provide feedback within a couple weeks of your stay.
    • There is an opportunity for private feedback to the host for improvement that you would not offer to the public.

Additional Insight for Success

Additional Fees are commontravel like a pro
  • Cleaning Fee is not included.
  • Security deposit that is refundable after your stay if no damage has occurred.
  • Fees are charged when you book and not after your stay.
Hotel Service not Available
  • Daily maid cleaning is not usually provided with your rental stay. If you have an extended stay it is something that you could negotiate.
  • Room Service is also not available. You have kitchen facilities at your use or can order delivery options on your.
Read Carefully
  • Everything you need is not always described fully. Example: The number your rental sleeps may be listed as 6.This does not mean that there will be 6 beds. There may only be 3 beds. It is also possible that the bed might be a futon or bunk beds.
  • Be sure to ask about anything that is not in writing that you are expecting. Also ask about anything you do not clearly understand.
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation policies are not standard. Be sure you understand what your options are for cancellation before you book your like a pro

Final Advice

Traveling like a Pro using AirBnb means trusting your Instincts. You know what is best for your family. Allow yourself time to do the thorough research needed to make your stay comfortable. Every rental is right for everyone. Make the decision that is best for your family and your situation!

Tell me about your experience with AirBnb. Where have you used AirBnb for your stay? What can we learn from your experience? Leave your Travel like a Pro tips below.





  1. Cathy

    I’ve thought of using AirBnb for my family travels because they are usually located in neighborhoods which can give you a good feel of the local culture there.

    But when it comes to small kids, you have no idea how and when they would mess things up. The last thing you want to get involved with on your holiday is turning someone’s property upside down.

    It’s probably worth trying if the kids are all grown up, but while they are small (and mischievous), I think I’ll just stick to hotels for the time being.

    1. Janice

      If you are comfortable taking your toddler to a hotel an AirBnb is an even better choice as there is much more space and often outdoor space for them to use up some of their energy.

      It is very important to read carefully and choose the rental that is right for your young child. Everyone will make the decision that they are comfortable with and fits their families needs. For some AirBnb will not fit their needs and for others it can be the perfect answer.

  2. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Very interesting article on traveling with toddlers, this airbnb is very new to me sounds like a great opportunity for families.

    Have you used this yourself, if so how often have you used this and did it go well for your family? This does sound to make traveling with toddlers much easier, toddlers get use to their home and own bed and often get fussy living someplace new.

    1. Janice

      This is a great way to travel for families. You have the option of selecting a rental that will fit your families situation. There is much more space and the option of privacy when traveling as a family.

      I have used this travel option and similar ones when traveling as a family. We have enjoyed each one we have used. The kids were always respectful of the space we rented and enjoyed the space and extra amenities that are usually provided.

      Take a look at an AirBnb the next time you travel and let me know know about your experience.

  3. Dennis

    That was a great post. I do not have any toddlers myself but I am a grandparent and this seems like a great choice for the extended family. I will share the post with my children as I am sure they will be interested.Is there an average cost?

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      AirBnB is a great choice for many families. It provides more options on location, number of rooms, outdoor space and many others.
      The prices will vary. Each family needs to set a budget and make a choice from the available rentals in their price range. The prices will always vary based on the time of year and size of the rental.
      Thank you for stopping by the site!

  4. Caroline

    I have searched on AirBnB for myself and my husband to use whilst travelling before we had our son, but I must admit, we’ve never considered it since we became a family. Having read this article, I can totally see how it should be in our list of top considerations for our upcoming family holiday accommodations. As you say, you can easily find whole apartments or houses available in most locations, which gives you the space that hotel rooms do not allow. I’m sick of only being able to read or watch tv on my tablet with headphones in during the evenings in a hotel!!! Thanks for opening up my mind to this possibility 🙂

    1. Janice

      Caroline, I’m so glad that you visited the site and read the article on Airbnb. There are so many advantages of an Airbnb when traveling with children. I hope that you will find one that meets your needs the next time y travel.

      Please share the site with those that would be fit from the information.

      Best regards,


  5. Alice

    We’ve used Airbnb twice this year and the process of booking has been so smooth and easy, and their website is really easy to use and very stylish.
    We stayed in 2 UK locations, both by the sea so the price was fairly high which was understandable. Both of the hosts were great, and the previous reviews gave us a good idea of what was in store.
    I’m not sure if/when we’d book again as for us, a holiday means getting away from the normality of home life! But it’s a great idea if you want a relaxed time away in a different location and save some money too in the process!

    1. Janice

      Alice, thank you for your comments. AirBnB is a great option for traveling. It will not fit every situation but is a great alternative to the traditional hotel when needed.


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