Travel Activities with Toddlers that work every time!

Travel Activities with Toddlers that work every time!

10 Travel Activities with Toddlers to Add to Your Travel BagTravel Activities with Toddlers

Everyone finds themselves traveling at some time during a year. Sometimes we travel across town, sometimes to a relatives house downstate, perhaps it is our summer home and sometimes it is a vacation that requires hours of travel. No matter where or why you travel you will often be traveling with your family. If your family includes traveling with toddlers then you will need to plan for some travel activities with toddlers.

Travel Activities with Toddlers

Window Clings – If you have children you may already own some window clings. If not traveling is a good time to add them to your activity list. Children often sit by a window in the car, train, or airplane. Children can create stories, objects, or sort in many different ways. Window clings come in all shapes and sizes. Buy ones that your child will find interesting.



Pop up Post-Its – These are small post-its that come in a container. You pull them our one at a time. They are thin rectangles instead of the usual squares. This is another item toddlers can stick to things. They can form shapes with them or create a picture with them. They also come in different colors as will.


Band-aids or Stickers – Band-aids may sound silly but they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They require your child to remove the paper so that they can stick onto other things. This will occupy their attention for a long period of time. Children love band-aids and they love to stick them on many things. The band-aids will not hurt any object they are attached to and are intended to be removed from anything that is not paper in a relatively short period of time. Stickers are a good alternative to band-aids.Travel Activities with Toddlers


Weekly Pill Box – Fill a pill box with a variety of healthy snacks and your toddler will enjoy the seek and find the adventure of opening and closing each lid to discover what is underneath.


Two cups, One filled with Ice – Your toddler will enjoy moving the ice from one cup to the next. Toddlers love this simple challenge and will do it over and over again. On a hot day, this is a great idea and they can enjoy eating a few pieces of ice in the process.


A New Book – A book your child will enjoy that is not part of their collection already. A book about something they enjoy or a book about something they will do or see while they are traveling is also a good idea. A book that is new and inviting is the key here.Travel Activities with Toddlers


Koosh Ball – A soft ball is a great idea when traveling. The texture of a koosh ball is very inviting and just manipulating may hold your toddler’s attention for some time. Any soft ball that you will have will certainly work. It encourages gentle movement while you are traveling. Even while traveling in an airplane a gentle game of catch in your row will pass some time.


New Inexpensive Toys – The idea here is something new. Perhaps brought out when your toddler has been cooperative for a period of time, when they are becoming a little restless, or they seem a little bored with what they have been doing. The toy must be age appropriate for your toddler and something that will interest them. Dollar store items work well. Wrapping the new toy also adds to their interest.Travel Activities with Toddlers


Velcro Craft Sticks – These are easy to make and take. Color Popsicle sticks with different color markers and then attach adhesive Velcro circles to the ends of each stick. This creates a way for toddlers to build and create objects and designs of their choice.


I pad – If your child is used to using an i pad at home it may be an item that you can bring with you. You can load it with new games or movies that your child would be interested in while they travel. Travel Activities with Toddlers


I hope these ideas will get you started thinking about other travel activities with toddlers that will keep your child occupied as you pass the hours traveling to your destination. Remember to keep your child in mind when planning activities. Try to capitalize on the stage of development they are at. Thinking out of the box to have activities that a little different also hold a toddlers interest.

Thinking out of the box to have activities that a little different also hold a toddler’s interest.
Happy Traveling!




  1. krissy

    Hi Janice,
    WOW, what a brilliant idea! I don’t have kid’s, however, I have friends who do and I’ll have to let them know about your website! Great work! You’ll go far with this I’m sure!

    Best Wishes,

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Krissy I’m happy that you stopped by. Many of us have friends with young children that can use some resources to help them in their new adventures into parenting. Thank you for passing along the website!

  2. Tony W

    Your list has some brilliant ideas. I just realized I was a terrible parent. Thanks Janice. LOL. I will pass this information and your website to others that can use it.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you Tony. We are not bad parents just trying to do the best we can. If we can helps others to make it go a little smoother, that is what it is about.

  3. Dan

    These are fantastic ideas. When I travel with the children I use an iPad and that tends to do the trick but not always. I think having some non electronic activities on a flight are a great alternative as well as a great way to keep the little ones busy.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      A toddlers attention span is very short. Having more then one option available gives you a back up.

  4. rina

    Hi Janice,
    Lovely post here.
    I usually bring stickers and books to keep my kids entertained while traveling.
    I never come across window clings before. Where did you buy it?

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you for stopping by the site Rina. Stickers are a great way to keep toddlers busy when traveling and such a great fine motor development skill. Post-It notes also work well and are easy to lift and move.
      The window clings can be found at any craft store. They have seasonal ones as well as general clings. In the US, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnns are good choices.
      Please share the site with those that can use the information.
      Best Regards,


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