Toddler Toy Trends for 2017 Revealed

Toddler Toy Trends for 2017 Revealed

TOMY is a leading global designer, producer, and marketer of innovative, high-quality infant and toddler products. They have recently revealed the new line-up for 2017. The companies included in TOMY’s portfolio are the Lamaze, Boon, The First Years, JJ Cole and John Deere brands. These toddler toy trends debuted at the ABC Kids Expo 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. TOMY brands bring functionality, fashion and fun to mealtime, bath time, playtime and together time.

Philosophy for Toddler Toy Trendstoddler toy trends

TOMY believes that consumer insights are critical in the infant and toddler categories. They aim to understand what today’s parents need, as well as what they want. Masayuki Nagatake, President of TOMY International, stated, “This is an area of great innovation. It can be as small as developing an easier-to-clean one-piece sippy cup lid or as large as pioneering an entire category like our Lamaze toy brand did when it launched nearly two decades ago.”

This article focuses on the toddler toy trends introduced for 2017. The new toys and products are listed by the family brand within TOMY.


Lamaze International first appeared two decades ago. At that time it introduced the infant toy line. This Early Learning line developed by Lamaze seeks to encourage exploration and independent learning.  toddler toy trends

  • The new additions in toddler toy trends for 2017 include Stacking Starseeker. This toy is a plush spaceship that separates into segments with many put-in and takeout parts.
  • Repeat Petey is an adorable parrot. Repeat Petey speaks when spoken to and repeats whatever the toddler or the parent says to it.
  • Lamaze Soft Book line is adding new titles to its current collection with the adventures of friendly Lamaze character faces.

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This brand focuses on problem solving and ingenuity combined with simple and effective design. Boon creates modern products that help simplify parents’ lives. They strive to do this while maintaining the product style. toddler toy trends

  • Care has the boon style with the all new health and grooming kit. This kit will feature Boon simplicity and ergonomic design for a toddler favorite. (I will update with a picture when it is revealed.)
  • Gleam is a new product. It is a dual-ended light that projects a starry sky on the nursery ceiling or can be used as a flashlight. This light is equipped with a pick-up and put-down on/off mechanism.

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The First Years

This brand helps parents with the unpredictable moments’ life throws at them on the journey of parenthood. The First Years has been a TOMY partner for more than 60 years with a focus on making toddler feeding more than tolerable with thoughtful new additions with unique designs and licensed kid-favorite characters.toddler toy trends

  • Insulated Sippy Cups, Simply Spoutless Cups, Stackable Trainers and Stackable Hard and Soft Spout Cups are great additions to keep toddlers hydrated while keeping parents from becoming frustrated.
  • The already popular, Inside Scoop Suction Dip Plate has added an area for dipping to the easy-scoop rim. This will allow toddlers to be more successful eating independently at mealtime.toddler toy trends

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JJ Cole

The JJ Cole collections  focus on providing parents new products with the style they strive for and the function they need.toddler toy trends

  • Bundleme category has expanded for 2017 with new on-trend colors and styles including a Down Bundleme. This new option fits into an attached stuff sack for easy storage in a diaper bag. Bundleme attaches to a stroller handle for storage when not being used.
  • Little JJ Cole Collection is for active toddlers. Unicorn and Dragons are the kid-favorite characters being added to the backpack line.

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John Deeretoddler toy trends

Farm play is now available to kids no matter where they live. These John Deere toys have provided unique learning and play experiences for children with their classic play patterns that encourage fun and imagination.

  • The all new Big Scoop Tractor and Dump Truck Set features two sandbox toys packed in a pail. These sandbox toys will encourage toddlers to spend hours of time loading, scooping and dumping with these new toddlers toys.
  • A John Deere  favorite, Johnny Tractor becomes the star character with its friendly face in a variety of new vehicles which include Push’nRoll Johnny, RC Johnny, Learn ‘n Pop Johnny and Build-a-Johnny.
  • The John Deere new toddler toy trends introduce realistic role play sets. Deluxe Talking Toolbelt, Farm Pond Fish Adventure, and Lawn & Garden Set will provide opportunities for kids to have some outdoor adventure and fun.

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These are TOMY’s Toddler Toy Trends for 2017. These products will be available in the coming months. I will update this article with current pictures and additional information and links as they become available.


What do think of the new TOMY Toddler Toy Trends?
What features of these products appeal to you?













  1. Celeste

    HI Janice,
    Great Niche, I love traveling and I love your site. My sister has two little girls and her husband travels for business and they often go with him. I am going to bookmark this site for her.
    I like that JJ Cole focuses on style (important for trendy parents) and function (important for kids). I believe that toys should teach kids and fuel their imagination.

    1. Janice

      Thank you for stopping by Celeste!

      I am so happy to hear that your sister takes advantage of the opportunities to travel with her husband as a family. There is so much to be learned on those adventures.

      I agree with your opinion of the style and function of the JJ Cole line. In fact I find almost all of the TOMY family brands to be innovative and focused on functionality.

      Best regards, Janice

  2. Jonathan

    I love it. Excellent recommendations. I am interested in buying a fun and learning toy such as Lamaze. It has been a gift idea of mine for some time now. Also, I love the John Deere toy products. I love the fun and friendly approach they are taking with their designs in 2017. I will definitely be getting a couple of these toys during Christmas time for my little one.

    1. Janice

      Thank you Jonathan for you comments.

      I agree with your assessment of the John Deere line. They are fun and friendly with their appearance and very inviting for toddlers.

      I hope your toddlers will enjoy their new toys!

      Best regards, Janice


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