Summer Vacation- Traveling with Toddlers

Summer Vacation- Traveling with Toddlers

Many families will be traveling over the summer months for their summer vacation. Some families are very experienced travelers. When you travel with toddlers for summer vacation the traveling becomes more challenging. To make traveling with toddlers easy it all starts with planning.

  • Your Destination.
  • Your mode of Travel.
  • Where you will Stay.
  • Activities you will do at your destination.
  • What and where you will Eat.
  • When you will Rest!

Summer vacation time is here! Time to travel!

It sounds like a lot. It is, but it is also the secret of successful travel. The time put in prior to the actual travel dates is what makes traveling with toddlers easily. Most parents of toddlers know that a family daily life revolves around their toddler’s schedule. When you travel it is just as important to keep yourSummer Vacation toddlers schedule and plan your activities with their schedule in mind.

The choices for places to go when you vacation are endless. There are times in your life when your choices should fit your families needs. When you have a toddler this is one of those times. All of the above lists should reflect and fit the needs of your family.

One of Our Summer Vacation Experiences

One of the best family vacations, when our family was young, was to Disney World. The children were 18 months and 3 years old and we hesitated to go because we didn’t think our children would remember being there. We decided to go anyway because it was a place where the children would have a fun time, even if they didn’t remember it for a lifetime. Each day we spent visiting a different Disney Park. Leaving the hotel each morning after our children woke up and had breakfast gave us enough time for touring the park until lunch time. The kids were excited to eat the lunch we packed and then found a quiet place in the park for the children to lay in the stroller or on a blanket to nap. 

In the afternoon, we toured and rode more rides after their naps. Most every day choosing to leave the park after dinner or in time to catch dinner at the hotel. A great experience enjoyed together as a very young family.

It all started with planning around our children’s needs.

You can have that same kind of summer vacation to remember by knowing what your toddler’s needs are and planning around those needs during your vacation.


What was your favorite summer vacation? 

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  1. elton thomas

    Great site looks good and the material is very informative….great job.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you Elton.
      I hope that you have found some information that you will use with the toddlers in your life.
      Stop back again and share some of your adventures with toddlers!
      Best regards, Janice


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