Newest Rolling Luggage for Kids-It Talks!

Newest Rolling Luggage for Kids-It Talks!

What is new in rolling luggage for kids?Rolling Luggage for Kids

Orion Travel Technologies, Inc. announced November  4, 2016, its first Patent Pending Walking Talking Luggage. This new luggage will ease the stress on parents at the airport. The carry-on will help to entertain their kids while waiting for flights. Walking Talking Carry-On Luggage will entertain kids while they are waiting for transportation. This newest rolling luggage for kids actually talks, barks, and meows from an onboard program that will impress and interest your toddlers.

Orion Travel Technologies reports that parents everywhere, especially the moms, are giving a thumbs up for the talking Doggy and Kitty Carry-Ons.


Seth Casteel, a famous creative photographer has brought these cats and dogs to life.His images present a 3D effect that makes those pictures lifelike. Gary German described the innovation, “We took some speakers, a recording device and pre-recorded what dogs and cats would sound like when they’re happy and brought it to life on both sides of a 3D, high gloss, hard shell piece of luggage.” Brightening everyone’s day at the airport is the goal for the new Walking Talking Luggage. Parents and children will want to travel with this fun luggage!

“What a better way to keep kids entertained! It truly makes everyone smile who sees them.”   Gary GermanRolling Luggage for Kids


Orion is working on expanding this line of luggage into 2017. The company is working on various innovative product licensing deals to give customers more choices. The images for 2017 are the creation of photographer Seth Casteel. Seth puts himself into the imagination and wonder of a child to create the unique images for the rolling luggage for kids.

Orion’s research shows millions of folks who are frustrated when they travel. Travelers are particularly stressed when their travel includes towing along kids. Families often travel with kids on airplanes, trains, and cruises. Orion hopes to ease the pain of traveling parents by offering an iconic talking piece of luggage.

This luggage is sure to bring laughter and a smile to children where-ever the luggage goes!


This international corporation is located in 15 countries worldwide.
The company’s current base is Hawaii and Florida. Orion is an all-inclusive, everything-travel, under-one-roof travel entity like no other.This travel ecosystem provided by Orion gives most travelers a one-stop destination for all their travel needs.


What do you think of Orion Travel Technologies, Inc. rolling luggage for kids?Rolling Luggage for Kids
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  1. Dan

    Rolling Luggage For Kids!?! I want one of these. How cool are they?! This type of graphic design with innovative and appealing photos on mundane every day objects is such a brilliant idea. I’m looking into this. Seriously!

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      The designs are so colorful and interesting. I’m curious about the new designs. I will update the post when they are revealed.

      Thank you for checking out the site and leaving your feedback.

      Best regards, Janice

  2. Marlaine

    Whoa… what will they come up with next?? 🙂
    What do I think? Well, I have two toddlers myself, and while I think they’d be entertained by talking luggage for SURE, I think I’d worry that cats meowing and dogs barking would very quickly become an annoyance to the people nearby at the airport… parents are good at ignoring annoying sound toys, but non-parents will likely not enjoy them so much. 😉
    That being said… many people would rather hear a dog happily barking than a whiny toddler!! Hmm. Maybe I should look into them!

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      I felt the same about “what will they think of next”.
      I think it could be acceptable in large waiting areas where there is plenty of movement and noise. I am curious about the new designs. I will update when I see them.

      Thank you for for your comments. I hope you will share the site with those you know that will benefit from the information.

      Best regards, Janice


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