Great Family Vacations – Benefits for Parents

Great Family Vacations – Benefits for ParentsGreat Family Vacations

There are many reasons for taking great family vacations. One of the best reasons is for the benefits you receive as a parent. The time spent with your children on a vacation is priceless. The activities that you choose to do on your vacation are less important then the time and adventures that you will experience together. Those experiences will create a stronger bond between family members. There are many destinations that you can take that are family friendly and budget friendly. Take a look at those ideas here.

Stronger Families

An important benefit of time together as a family is the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with each other. Great family vacations together provide time to connect with one another. The responsibilities that are part of the normal routine are not a distraction while on vacation.  A feeling of being on an adventure together creates new focus and ways to interact with one another. One-on-one time provides needed time to bond with each member of the family.

New Responsibility and RolesGreat Family Vacations

Vacations take families to places and provide experiences that are not part of the daily routine. Because of this, new responsibilities and roles need to be fulfilled. Finding a way to handle new experiences give parents and children a chance to try something new. Husbands and wives sometimes change roles when traveling. Even parent and children change roles  or responsibilities as needed to meet the new circumstances. All of these changes provide a chance to grow and learn together.

Slower Pace

When families take great vacations with toddlers there is a built in need for a slower pace. Toddlers have different needs. Mealtimes, nap times, and bedtimes will dictate the pace of travel. Meeting toddlers needs naturally creates a slower pace and allow for relaxation and reflection. When you are realistic about what your toddler can handle you provide fun and activity without overwhelming them.

Travel Through Kid’s EyesGreat Family Vacations

Places that parents have been and experiences they have had become new once again when you travel with your children. Your toddler is your magnifying glass. They stop and smell, touch, listen and see the things we have overlooked. The smell of a pine tree, the softness of the white sand and the prickliness of fish scales are a few things your toddler will notice. They ask “why” and make you think and rethink things. You will take your time and engage with the world through their eyes.

Collect Memories – Not Things

A couple souvenirs and some photos will be wonderful to have from great family vacations. What is even more important is the memories that your child will carry with them for a lifetime. When I am with my siblings and cousins we will often recall time spend together at our Grandparents home. When my husband and I continue our family vacations with our own children they will often recall experiences that we have shared on previous vacation destinations. Long after the pictures have faded and the souvenirs are broken or lost, it is the memories of those shared experiences that stay with the children.

Kids are Ice BreakersGreat Family Vacations

Children themselves are magnets for interactions with people you have never met. It may be a kind word or a nice gesture to allow you to go ahead without waiting. Perhaps it is something extra like a souvenir or sticker that will add to the experience. Interactions with others while traveling enhances the experience in many ways. You also may just develop a lifelong friendship.

Feeling Loved and Important

Toddlers adore you! They want to spend time with their parents. As a parent you are the star or hero in their world. Spending great family vacations together provides the time for you to experience their love and affections without any interruption of daily routine. Hugs and kisses will be in abundance as you spend your days together while on vacation.

Learn Your Child’s Strengths

Families that travel together will have many unexpected situations to handle. You and your child will have opportunities to try on different roles and responsibilities. You will be able to see them master these situations first-hand. There may also be things that your child will not be able to handle well. As a parent you will be seeing where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. Vacation time will provide the perfect time to talk about those strengths and weaknesses and offer praise and encouragement or suggestions for others ways to handle a new situation.

Travel BenefitsGreat Family Vacations

The benefits you receive as a parent have no correlation with the amount of money that is spent on the vacation. It is also not dependent on how active or exciting the destination is. Some of the biggest benefits come from just sitting on a beach and building sand castles or playing in the swimming pool at the hotel or taking a nap together on a hammock.

Real benefits come from slowing down and engaging with your child. what you choose for you great family vacations will depend on the age and interest of your children.


What benefits have you had from your family vacations?
Please share how have you created lasting memories for you and your child by leaving a comment.







  1. Netta

    Hey Janice:

    I agree with every one of your travel-with-kids benefits for the family. It can, I know be a hassle to do, but the memories made and the discoveries are a fabulous bonus for all that.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      The memories are irreplaceable for sure.
      The hassles involved with travel can certainly be minimized with a little planning.

      Thank you for for your comments Netta. Pass along the site to those you know will benefit from the information.
      Best regards, Janice

  2. jCamden

    I think that family vacations are a great way to bring you closer together as a family. My boys are still pretty young though and I’ve often wondered if they’d even remember any vacation that we took right now. We did go to Disneyland earlier this year and both of my boys thought it was incredible! I think my oldest will remember it but I’d be surprised if my younger one does. Do you think it’s still worth going when they’re that young or would you recommend waiting just a few years when they’re old enough and tall enough to get the full experience?

    1. Janice

      I wondered the same thing as I raised my children. I knew in my heart that any quality time that was spent together as a family is totally worth it. It is about the bonding and trust you are building as a family more then the specific memory of the activity.

      We traveled often when our children we under age 3. I have been amazed at the memories they actually have from some of the experiences. For what they do not remember, I know that I provided them a rich learning environment and as parents we thoroughly enjoyed all time spent with them.

      Thank you for your comments.

      Best regards, Janice

  3. Lanta Eco News

    What great observations about the positive aspects and importance of family vacations. Giving your children memories instead of things is one of the best things parents can do. What better way to do that than travelling together and going on new adventures to unfamiliar places? For family members to see each other out of their usual setting and routine, is a great way to truly know and understand each other.

    Koh Lanta is very popular with families and it’s wonderful to see families spending quality time together, relaxing, having new experiences, doing fun things together. Thai people love children, so you usually get to chat more with the locals here when you have kids. Travelling with children is a great way to experience the friendliness and helpfulness of the local people.

    1. Janice

      I truly believe that families connect more when they are out of their familiar routines. It is also helpful for parents and children of all ages to be away from the electronic connections as well.

      Thank you for your time time to read and comment on this post.


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