Grab Your Travel Checkist – Let’s Go!

Grab Your Travel Checklist – Let’s Go!

A great approach is to have a travel checklisttravel checklist

A travel checklist to use each time will provide you with peace of mind that you have everything you will need. Having a checklist also allows others to help with the packing for travel. The items needed are written down and can easily be gathered. Allow others, even children, to assist in the packing process when traveling. It gives them ownership of the process.

The hardest part of travel – is packing!

There are restrictions among the different modes of travel for what you can bring. Airline travel has the most stringent requirements when traveling, so packing with those requirements every time you travel, will make it easier when navigating your travel options.

 The focus of this post is on what to pack for successful travel with your toddler.

Many of the items on the checklist would apply to other children or adults as well.

Items to bring:

  • Travel documentation

    – Assemble all documentation needed for traveling. This is often the most important thing to make your travels go smoothly. Collect and print these things as part of your packing routine.Travel Checklist

    • Tickets
    • Passports
    • Confirmation numbers
    • Destination addresses
    • Rental car addresses
    • Any entertainment or attraction tickets or confirmations.
  • Snacks/Food and Utensils

    – Your toddler needs to have food and drinks at specific times during the day. Travel does not always coincide with the needs of your child. It is important that you are prepared to meet the snack and food requirements for your toddler when needed. Airline and some rail travel personnel can help you meet your child’s needs, but it is best for you to be prepared. If you are traveling by air be sure that you are aware of the TSA requirements for any food and liquid items.

  • Medication

    – This will be based on your individual toddler’s needs.

    • Daily medication
    • Vitamins
    • Cold medicine
    • Tylenol
    • Allergy medication
  • Clothing

    – Know your destination. Check the online weather report before packing to know the latest forecast for your destination. Pack what is needed for the planned activities while you are gone.Travel Checklist

    • One outfit for each day with a couple extras for your toddler if needed. have the extras handed if needed during air travel.
    • Jacket or other outer layers
    • PJ’s – sometimes these are needed on the travel days as well.
    • Diapers and plastic bags for disposal
  • Activity Bag

    – Your toddler is busy much of his day. Be prepared for your toddler’s activity level as you travel. See the post on this site Travel Activities with Toddlers that work every time! for ideas for your activity bag.

    • Blanket/Lovey
    • Quiet toys, books, music
    • Electronics
    • Books or magazines for you too!
  • Safety Seat or harness– You will need a car seat for your toddler when you are traveling. If you are bringing your own with you, consider ways to cover it if you will be checking it at the counter or gate before boarding the plane. You also could use a seat harness while on an airplane.Travel Checklist
    • Car seat or Harness
    • Stroller – Easy folding

There are so many things to think about when traveling with your toddler.

Be sure that you prepare for travel and pack for the activities you will be participating in. Resist the temptation to throw one more thing in the suitcase “Just in case”. It adds more weight and more things to juggle that is not necessary.

Most hotels have laundry facilities if needed during your travel. Omit extra items that are often not needed. Most items can be purchased if they were needed. I have not included any portable cribs or other bulky items. These can be obtained from your hotel if needed and making your travel much lighter and easier.

What items are most important when you travel with your toddler?
Leave a comment with your packing success stories.

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