Toys – Tips for Toddlers

toys - tips for toddlers

toys - tips for toddlersChildren need things to do!

Toys – Tip for Toddlers

While there will be many things to do and look at when traveling there is also plenty of down time. There are also times when toddlers get bored just like adults. It is important to have things for your child to do during those down times. While you might want them to be totally exhausted and fall immediately to sleep this may not be the case. Here are some toys – tips for toddlers for your travel.


Bring their favorites

Your toddler responds best when they are comfortable and secure. Blanket, pillow, book, stuffed animal and music they like will create the comfort and security needed. Make sure your child has those things they are familiar with. Review the items that they play with or want the most at home and bring some of those with you.


Don’t bring everythingtoys - tips for toddlers

Space is limited when traveling so you can not bring everything. Decide which items are needed the most and pack those for your toddler. Think also about how you are traveling. Who will be around you, where will you be staying, what will you spend most of your day doing? It is important to plan the items that will fit into your surroundings. Omit toys that will be disturbing to others around you.


Have a surprise

The element of surprise is an ace in your bag while you are traveling! Maybe your toddler has wanted something new; traveling might be a time to get that for your child. Perhaps your toddler is really bored or fussy; something new might be just the right thing to distract them. The something new does not have to be anything expensive. A new book, marker, and pad of paper, small Duplo kit, doll or game might be just the right thing. You also don’t have to use your surprise if it is not needed. Just being ready will put you at ease.


What activities does you toddler like the best while traveling?
Tell us about your child’s favorites!

toys - tips for toddlers