toddler foodTraveling is something that many families look forward to throughout the year. Vacations, holidays, celebrations, day trips are just a few times that families may find themselves traveling away from home. Travel is exciting and fun with new adventures and discoveries to uncover. Planning is the key to making these times as easy as possible.

Here are 4 steps to make food easy when traveling.

Step One – Plan for your Child’s Eatingimages (8)
Food becomes a very important part of traveling with your toddler. Planning for what your toddler will eat prevents tired, crabby, hungry children. When traveling it is not always convenient to stop when a child is hungry. There may not be a place to stop or a store with the food that your child likes or you want them to have. Here is where planning comes in.

Take foods with you that your child likes to eat. Any food can be transported if you have the right storage for each particular food. But for most travelers, frozen and refrigerated foods are not convenient while traveling. If you are traveling by vehicle, a small cooler is a great solution and will allow you to bring a few of those refrigerated items with you.

Step Two – Bring Packaged FoodsPlum-Organics-Mighty-Pouches-healthy-toddler-snacks-Cool-Mom-Picks
When traveling eating eating is often done on-the-go. Foods that are convenient to handle make feeding your toddler much easier. You can purchase prepackaged food from the store. Foods that are packaged in individual serving sizes make it easy to open and use. There is a great variety of healthy food choices available for purchase at the grocery store. Often foods that are prepackaged do not require any refrigeration before opening. Which makes them user friendly while traveling.

If you child has favorite foods that do not come prepackaged you can do the packing in zip lock bags. This allows you to bring along some of their favorite foods.

Step Three – Traveling is not a time to make changes to your Toddlers Foodimages (9)
Travel has enough things that are out of your toddlers normal routine. Routine is what provides the comfort zone for most toddlers. So when you travel try to keep the eating routine as “normal” as possible with foods that your toddler is familiar with and likes to eat.


Step Four – Have a Couple Tricks or Surprises up your Sleeve and Relaximages (10)
This is a good idea for any part of travel but certainly for your toddlers eating. Most parents want there child to eat healthy and during travel that should be the rule of thumb as well. However, this is a time where you could allow your child to have a couple treats that they like and do not usually get. It is also a time where you might not be quite as strict with your toddlers eating requirements. Travel can be stressful for children as well as adults, so their appetite might not be as predictable as when they are at home.


  1. Sydney

    Great post for anyone traveling with not just toddlers but any size children! I loved to go on vacation when I was a child, totally oblivious to all the work that my parents had to do. Now that I’m a mom, vacations are great when you get there!! I hate packing and unpacking. The great thing that you’ve done here is help to make us mom’s more organized with the steps for bringing the right food and toys 🙂 It also helps if you begin packing several days in advance.

    1. Janice

      Thank you Sydney for stopping by. It is amazing what parents do that go completely unnoticed by children. Planning is indeed the key and possibly why as kids we didn’t think about all the work that went into it because our parents planned so well the trips flowed easily!

  2. Regina

    I have a two year old who is fortunately not a picky eater. Your tips especially the packaged food one is reassuring as he loves happybaby’s range of food pouches. They are nutritious and organic (pesticide free) at the same time! So if I had to pack pre packed baby food, I would bring them along.

    Additional tips for Asian parents: bring a thermos flask to contain cooked porridge if your accommodation allows cooking. Rice can be purchased at supermarkets in small packets. We did that for our Australia trip two years ago.

    1. Janice

      Thank you Regina for the tip for our Asian parents. There are always tips we can share with one another.

  3. Jeff

    Great advice here, Janice. I liked the part where you say about keeping your toddler to a familiar routine. This makes a lot of sense to me, and will put your methods into practice.
    Kind regards,

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you for your visit to the site. I’m glad that you found the information helpful. There will be times when you travel that keeping a toddlers normal routine is not possible, but you should strive to keep it as close to normal as you can. I hope that you will drop by again.


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