You Can Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

You Can Create Memories to Last a LifetimeMemories to Last a Lifetime

Around the globe, families are in the holiday spirit. This is the time of year that we gather with family and friends to spend time together and celebrate the season. Many wait all year for this holiday season to be close to those that we love. The time that is shared together provides opportunities to create memories to last a lifetime. The holiday season also allows us to share and reminisce about memories we have of previous time spent together.

What is the Impact?

As a parent raising children, I would often wonder if I was guiding my children in the best way possible. Like many parents, I wanted our family time to be fun and something they would remember. I wanted new experiences that would enhance their learning and develop them into responsible adults.

This past Thanksgiving holiday provided my husband and I an opportunity to take a road trip with our son to the family celebration. The destination was 6 hours away and the Thanksgiving traffic was very slow. We had many opportunities for conversation along the way. Memories to Last a Lifetime

My son remembered our trip to Niagra Falls and New York City. What prompted his memory was the traffic. New York traffic was very crowded and it took us some time to navigate the streets to our hotel. He remembers the tall buildings and the subway and taxi rides in Manhattan. He also recalled the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty. At the time of our trip, he was in elementary school and is now in his mid-twenties. The experiences have stayed with him through the years. He often recalls moments from trips and vacations he has taken when encountering a similar situation. Upon meeting up with our daughter at our Thanksgiving destination, Edward shared his memories with her. Elizabeth immediately shared here memory from that trip which was the boat ride to the base of Niagra falls.

The Reward!

As a parent, the reward is the validation that all the planning and preparation was worth the effort. Our children had a great time while we were traveling to and from the vacation. They created memories to last a lifetime. Years later we continue to reap the benefits as the children recall moments and memories from trips that we have taken. They experienced new situations and learned many things while having fun.Memories to Last a Lifetime

The biggest reward is the relationship that we as a family formed and enhanced on our many adventures over the years. Sometimes the trips were simple and sometimes they required much planning and strategical maneuvers to make them work. The joy that I feel as a parent is more validation

The joy that I feel as a parent is more validation than I ever expected for doing what I thought a good parent should do.


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  1. Greenvee

    Hi Janice,

    just had a look at your site – great idea for parents travelling with small children. I particularly liked the snack on the go tips under travel tips – i have decided to make the energy balls for myself so I eat more carrots. Lvoe them but am often just too lazy, but this seems a great way and I can reward myself with one of these goodies when I have completed my tasks.:)
    And I think the Trunki review is really well done – good information, clear and easy to understand, jsut like your site.
    All the best

    1. Janice

      Thank you for the visit to the site.

      There are many snack ideas. Check back again, I will be adding more ideas and recipes.

      Best regards, Janice

  2. Daphne

    Great article I really like it. I think traveling is one of the most beautiful things to do and to be able to bring all the family its even better. I can’t wait until January when I’ll take the airplane to go to Costa Rica. Hope you do a lot of other places with your family 🙂

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you for your visit to the site Daphne.
      Traveling is a really great way to bond and grow closer to your family. Most often it is an opportunity to focus only on your family.
      Happy travels to you.
      Best regards, Janice

  3. Joe

    I can really relate. My daughter now has a three year old and now certain things that HER daughter does or says, have triggered some memories of trips to Disney World and Maui when she was three and four years old. There are hassles involved in travel with little ones, but the memories are worth it.

    1. Janice

      Thank you Joe for the visit.

      The memories are priceless! Any hassle involved with travel is certainly worth the effort. I hope you have found some ideas you can share with your daughter.

      Best regards, Janice

  4. TerryB

    Traveling with little ones can be a bit challenging. You have to remember to pack everything and have those extras ‘in case of’ items.

    But the memories and fun times are priceless. When looking back at those pictures, you smile.

    Love your site and will surely come back for more tips!

    1. Janice

      Thank you Terry for your comments.

      A good checklist for traveling with toddlers is a great help. It makes packing routine and you have all those things that you may need.

      It is always worth the effort to spend time with your family!

      Best regards, Janice


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