What are the Best Toddler Travel Toys?

What are the Best Toddler Travel Toys?

This is the question that every parent asks when thinking about traveling with their toddler. Parents want to know what are the best toddler travel toys to make their travel easier. While there are hundreds of toys produced, they can be grouped into a few categories to make your choice easier.

The key for parents is to individualize the list to their child’s interests. Developmental characteristics are similar for all toddlers, but all toddlers are not developmentally in the same place. Individual toddlers will also have different interests. It is very important for parents to be sure that the needs of their own child are being met when they make their selection for the best toddler travel toys.

Four Categories for the Best Toddler Travel Toys

The four categories will provide a variety of activities for your children while traveling on any type of travel you choose.

There are many toys to choose from in the store. It is important for parents to make their choices on the size, colors, and themes that best suit their child. Providing a variety for your child will help to hold their interest for longer periods of time.


Drawing of any type interests toddlers. Having a doodle board or mat will allow toddlers to erase and create new drawings as often as they would like. The erasing of their creations is actually part of the fun!

Aqua Doodle – Travel Doodle Toddler Travel Toys

Aqua Doodle – Travel Doodle is a great choice. This toy allows toddlers to create drawings on the aqua doodle mat in two colors. Dip the pen in water to moisten and activate it for drawing. As the wet pen marks dry they will disappear. The toddler has a new page to create a new drawing on. This marker is designed to dry in short period of time so there is no waiting time needed.


Doodle Pro Travel Toddler Travel Toys

Doodle Pro Travel – Green Model is another great choice for travel. This features on this drawing board allow toddlers to erase their drawings at will. The erase feature slides up and down to erase the drawings. The pen is magnetic and will attract metal particles that contained in the board to magically create images. The pen attaches to the board for ease in keeping all the pieces together


Toddlers love to have opportunities to read and discover. They will often have favorite books or stories. It is a good idea to bring a couple of their favorites when traveling. It allows them a time of comfort and security that comes from reading stories they are familiar with. A new story or one that is about the destination they are going to or the mode of transportation they are traveling on are also good choices.

Board BooksToddler Travel Toys

Sturdy books with sturdy pages are good for toddlers to use on their own. the pages will be easier to turn with their limited fine motor skills. Select their favorite story or one that is about traveling.

Activity BooksToddler Travel Toys

Activity books will hold a child’s interest while they interact with the characters in the book or the adventures they are on. These books are different then pop-up books because they offer the toddler to manipulate the activities and not just look at the  images that pop up from the pages.


Fine motor skills are developed when toddlers manipulate stickers to fill pages of a book. Some sticker books will outline for toddlers where the stickers should go on the page. Other sticker books are more open ended and will allow toddlers to create their own images on the page. Select the one that will fit your toddler’s ability the best.

Sticker bookToddler Travel Toys

Sticker books are available in many different themes. You will find single use books as well as reusable sticker books. Select sticker books based on your toddler’s interest.

Tape Activity BookBUCKLE TOY "Buddy" Backpack

A variation on stickers is to use tape. Anything that sticks interests toddlers. This activity book will allow your toddler to choose colors as they complete the pictures that are in the book. This activity requires fine motor coordination and some toddlers will need a little help in completing this activity.



Play Set

Opportunities for toddlers to move and manipulate toys are welcome during travel. Small play sets that fit on a board the size of a tray table on an airplane work really well. Small cars, action figures, and dolls will allow toddlers to act out and create scenes if their choice. Toddlers will enjoy creating activities that they are familiar with or they have just experienced.  Small action figures and animals will make great souvenirs for toddlers. They will have the added benefit of using them to entertain themselves on the return trip home.

Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play Toddler Travel Toys

The challenge for take-n-play set will be the size. The set must be appropriate for easy transporting.

Whittle World Wooden Plane & Luggage Carrier SetWhittle World Wooden Plane & Luggage Carrier Set

Backpack for Carrying

Your toddler can carry their own activity items in their own individual backpack. The buckle toy backpack can provide a double purpose. The buckle toy backpack will provide many buckles for toddlers to manipulate.

BUCKLE TOY “Buddy” BackpackBUCKLE TOY "Buddy" Backpack

Selecting the best toddler travel toys from these categories will provide hours of activities for your child. Tailor your toy selections to your child’s interests.

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