Toddlers Halloween Costumes – Guidance and Ideas

Toddlers Halloween Costumes – Guidance and Ideastoddlers Halloween costumes

It is Halloween time again! Halloween offers make-believe fun for all ages. Along with the fun are some real concerns about children’s safety. Some real thought needs to be given to toddlers Halloween costumes and activities to keep them safe. Halloween can be safe and enjoyable when parents put extra care into planning and supervision. Keep in mind the following guidelines to keep your family safe during this spooky season.

Get Clever With Costumes

You, the parent, are the one in charge of your toddlers Halloween costume. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when considering the best costume for your toddler.

  • The brighter the better.

    Choose bright colors and flame-retardant materials for your toddlers Halloween costume. Whether you make it yourself or purchase a costume look for bright colors. If you will trick-or-treating outside after dark it is important to attach reflective tape to their costume and treat bag.

  • Size it right.toddlers Halloween costumes

    Toddlers want to be independent and move on their own. They will want to run and play while outside or at a day care in their costume. All toddler Halloween costumes need to be modified to fit their size. Sizing is important to eliminate tripping hazards and easy movement. Avoid shoes that come with costume and use the child’s own shoes for proper fit and sure footing. One other thing to keep in mind is providing room to wear an extra layer of clothing under the costume in case it is cold while trick-or-treating.

  • Skip the masks.

    A mask can obstruct your child’s vision if it slips out of place. Use kid-friendly, non-toxic makeup instead of a mask.

Trick or treat with care

  • Get in on the fun.

    You will go trick or treat with your toddler so you can dress up and join in on the fun as well. Carry flashlight and umbrella  for your child’s safety and comfort for any type of weather. Plan to trick or treat with neighbors or other family members for some group fun for you and your toddler.

  • Set ground rules.toddlers Halloween costumes

    Talk before trick or treating about when your toddler will be able to eat the candy and how much they will be allowed to eat. Talk about eating candy before trick or treating sets the stage and will be easy to remind them.

  • Inspect treats before eating. 

    This is the major reason it is important to set the ground rules before trick or treating. Feed your toddler an early healthy meal before trick or treating so they are not really hungry. Discard anything that is not sealed, has torn packaging or looks questionable. If your toddler has allergies you will eliminate those. Also, eliminate anything that would be a choking hazard for your toddler.

  • Know your child’s limits.

    Don’t trick or treat longer then your child is enjoying the experience. If it is the first time that your child is trick or treating they may not enjoy the experience at all. Others may really like participating and want to continue for a longer period of time.

  • Ration the food.toddlers Halloween costumes

    Setting ground rules helps you ration the candy according to the rules that were established ahead of time. Dole out the candy throughout the next couple of weeks at an appropriate time. (Candy can easily disappear after a few days when your toddler has lost interest in the candy.) Another idea is to ask your toddler is they would like to swap some or all of the candy for a special toy, book or outing.

  • Plan a party.

    A trick or treat party with some neighbors instead of house-to-house trick or treating may be best. Decorate the garages, have a costume contest and plan games and prizes. Some schools and churches may also have events as well.


Stay safe and sweet on the home front

Handing out treats at your house? Make sure you are ready for trick-or-treaters by following these tips.

  • Clean up.toddlers Halloween costumes

    Put away anything that trick-or-treaters could trip over. Garden hoses, toys, bikes and lawn decorations are examples. Clear away leaves, snow or other debris from your walkway and sidewalk.

  • Turn the lights on.

    Replace any burned out bulbs to ensure good visability along your walkway and front door.

  • Control your pets.

    Take no chances. Be sure that your pets do not have access to children that are receiving candy at your front door.

  • Consider sugar substitutes.toddlers Halloween costumes

    Stickers, fun pencils, scary rubber insects or colored chalk are just a few ideas.


Extra planning and caution will make a safe and fun Halloween for your toddler and children of all ages.


What are your ideas and suggestions for your toddlers Halloween costumes?
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