Spending Time with Toddlers – Are You Missing the Moments?

Spending Time with Toddlers – Are You Missing the Moments?

Is spending time with toddlers even possible in your busy life?spending time with toddlers

Life is Busy!       Responsibilities are Everywhere!       Life takes all my Time!

Have you said or thought these things? If you are a parent you have certainly said these words and wondered how spending time with toddlers was a possibility in your schedule. Spending time with toddlers is very important in creating the basis of a lasting relationship with your child. I will provide some real-life solutions for spending time with toddlers in this article.

Parent Time

It is vital to a families survival for parents to have time away from children. That time will sometimes be spent together as a couple and sometimes you will spend time alone individually. spending time with toddlers

For some, this may sound like an unusual place to start an article about spending time with toddlers. You are a family because you started a relationship as a couple. The relationship you have is the foundation for your family and it needs to stand firm and strong. Take time individually and together to be sure that your needs are being met. When you are fulfilled, you are that strong parent that is able to provide the support and security your children need.

Here are some ideas for parent and alone time. Have your own date night. Schedule some alone time when your child is on a play date. Take time for your own interests and friends while you spouse is having some quality one-on-one time with your toddler.

Quality vs Quantity

The debate has gone on for decades about which of these is most important. There is current research that perhaps neither one is the most important in regards to your toddlers’ development.

What matters most is, are you in tune with your child? Do you know your toddler? What are their moods? What do they like? When are they most excited? When are they exhausted? What scares them? What delights them?

When you are in tune with your child you can be at the moment. Your time spent with your child is then special and influential. You are at the moment and catching the glimpse in their eye, the joy of their laughter and the love in their heart meant only for you.

Be Intentional

Your life is busy. You are not alone with so many demands on your time. It is important that to be intentional about spending time with your toddlers.spending time with toddlers

Scheduling time to spend with your toddlers might be a reality for many parents. This scheduled family time can be fun and spontaneous. Many families just need the time available to spend with families. When you put toddler time into your schedule it becomes a priority and happens with greater regularity.

With the time available in your schedule, your focus is on spending time with your toddlers. You will not be missing the moments with your toddler.

10 Ideas for Spending Time with Toddlers

  1. Toddler Dates

    One-on-one time with your child. Plan an activity together and then do it. You can make it a surprise or a secret destination. It should be more than just letting them come along on an errand with you. This is time devoted just to them.spending time with toddlers

  2. Fix Things or Do Chores Together

    Toddlers really want to be with you. They want to help you. Many daily activities can be one-on-one time with your toddler. You have an opportunity to enjoy time with your toddlers and have a teaching moment with them as well. You know their favorite thing is WHY!

  3. Eat Together

    This is an opportunity for quality family time together. At least once a day, eat together as a family with no TV, phones, or computers. Only time talking with and enjoying one another’s company.spending time with toddlers

  4. Family Trips

    Family trips and vacations provide opportunities for spending time together 24/7 and create bonding experiences. Time away has no distractions of the daily routine to follow. It is about creating and experiencing new adventures together.

  5. Pajama Walks

    Time spent together before bedtime is a good time for connecting with your toddler. When the weather is good, after children have their pajamas on go for a walk. A short walk outside around the block is perfect for decompressing and relaxing before going to bed. This time is meant to be interactive and calming.

  6. Play their Games and sing their Songs

    Parents are directing the activities and schedules all the time. Take a break from that and let you toddler set the schedule for 30 minutes. Play their board game, sing their songs or participate in their idea. allow your toddler to be completely in charge of this time. Your role is to experience their world!spending time with toddlers

  7. Special Nicknames

    Something as simple as creating a special name just for you and your toddler. It lets them know that you want to be connected with them is a special way. This name is exclusive to them and not used with another child.

  8. Family Crafts

    Creating things together presents opportunities to interact with your toddler in new ways. You get an insight into their thought process. The craft created can be displayed proudly in your home as a reminder of the experience. sometimes you will keep those crafts for a lifetime!

  9. Walk Places and Day Tripsspending time with toddlers

    Slow the pace of your busy life. There are many places that we instinctively drive to when we don’t have to. Walking with your child allows extra time for interacting and discovery along the way. It is a way to create more time with your toddler. day trips are also a way to take a whole day or part of a day for spending time with your toddlers.

  10. Serve Ice Cream and Popcorn

    Do something that is completely out of the ordinary with your toddler. They will enjoy the spontaneity of the experience and so will you. Think completely out of the box and enjoy the experience together. Stay out of your head about the activity not being nutritious or too messy. Just enjoy experiencing it together. Ice cream and popcorn, dancing in the rain, digging in the mud, food art, are just a few things that come to mind.

Prioritize your Time

There is always room for the things that matter most in your life. Spending time with your toddlers is one of those priorities that can be accommodated in any schedule when we prioritize it.

Click here for additional ideas and learn the value of spending time with your toddlers in this article.


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  1. Helen Vella

    Great ideas and great advice. Toddlers is the most important part of their lives. They form so many emotions around security and modelling people around them. Thanks for easy to follow tips.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you, Helen, for your comments.
      Toddlers do need to feel secure in their environment to fully flourish.
      Best regards, Janice

  2. Sarah Prince

    I have three boys, ages four and under right now. I’m working my hardest to make me be able to work from home so that I can spend more time with them. But I always focus on reading to each of them at night before bed, and playing individually with them everyday, even if it’s for just ten minutes. It makes a difference.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Sarah you have your hands full for sure!
      Time spent with your toddlers individually is always time well spent.
      Thank you for visiting the site and sharing the special moments with your toddlers.

      Please share the site with those that you feel will benefit from the information.

      Best regards, Janice

  3. Emma

    I should give this to my auntie to read- she has two toddlers and life is certainly full on! Not to mention that she is also moving house etc.
    In fact, she spent the whole day doing things with one of her boys last week- they made pikelets, drew and had a special day doing things together. At the end of the day she asked him what is favorite thing was. He said “Dad!” lol! Whats a mum to do if her boys prefers the company of dad rather then mum?!

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Emma thank you for sharing that great story! Toddlers are so unpredictable for sure!!
      Your auntie is taking advantage of the special moments with her toddlers. Crafts are a great way to spend special time with your toddlers.

      Please share the site with you auntie and others that will benefit from the information.

      Best regards, Janice

  4. Angelic

    What a fun way to spend time with my toddlers! Thanks for the ideas. I really think that it’s so important to spend quality time with my kids. Sometimes is helping in the kitchen a happy playful moment because the one thing children want to have is to be seen! These ideas are great to fit into my life! Thank you! Have a beautiful day, Angelic

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Angelic you are right about the importance of quality time with your children. I’m glad that y will be able to use some of the ideas as you find moments with your children in your day.

      Please share the site with others that will benefit from the information.

      Best regards, Janice


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