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Last Minute Travel Tips and Ideas

Your family is unique! Timelines and family activities may not allow for lengthy planning for travel. Last minute travel may be the only option that works for your situation. Last minute travel may be a benefit and allow you to save money on last minute deals.

How Can I Put it All Together Last Minute?last minute travel


Flexibility is really important

When making travel plans, be open to new possibilities based on the options that are available for your chosen travel date. Last minute travelers can benefit from cancellations and discounts to fill resorts, cruises, and flights. The key is to be able and willing to travel to those destinations.

Knowing what activities your family enjoys doing will assist you in booking your travel. Focus on the activities that your family most enjoys, but be open to new locations or even some new experiences as well. With last minute travel, you must weigh the options that are available to you for the dates you will be traveling.

Package Deals

You can often save you some money combining air travel, car rental, hotel accommodations and attractions together to secure a price will often save money. Places like, and are just a few suggestions of sites that will package trips for last minute travel plans. It is advisable to try multiple sites for a price comparison before making your final choice.

Under-the-Radar Destinations

You are trying to get in where ever there is room. Frequently, the most popular destinations will fill up early with advance reservations. Last minute travelers need to be willing to go to the places where the majority of the people are not at. A quiet beach town instead of the popular crowded beach town. A small hotel instead of the national chain hotel. Renting a condo or house and being willing to do some of the cooking may be the answer for last minute travel.

On the other hand, why not try the really popular destinations? Perhaps there was a last minute cancellation or there are still rooms left that they want to sell out. You may get a deal or you may have to pay full price. Either way, you will be able to travel.last minute travel

Off-Season Resorts

Choose winter destinations for your summer travel. Whether the destination is a ski lodge or dessert resort, visiting these resorts in the off-season will provide a less crowded experience. There will be plenty of activities to keep your family busy. The advantage of lower off-season rates might be nice for the budget.

Warm destinations like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and other hot climates have many openings in the off-season as well. These are popular destinations for those that live in cold climates during their winter months. These resorts are open all year round and have more availability at lower rates in the hottest months.

Cruiseslast minute travel

Last minute travelers find great success booking cruises as their destination. Cruise ships want to sail with a full ship. There are frequently last minute sales on cruise ships that have rooms that are vacant within a couple weeks to sailing. Cruises are a great family choice because of the many activities available for all age groups.

Inviting Destinations for Last Minute Travel


The Mountains

Colorado and North Carolina provide incredible mountain experiences. There are a variety of accommodations at various prices. The lure of the outdoors adventure provides many choices for families. A comfortable resort will provide swimming and other relaxing options as well.


California and Arizona provide places for adventure outside. The terrain and the nature to be experienced is very different then most children are familiar with. These places have many inside choices like museums, swimming, and playgrounds that will hold young children’s interest.

Coastal Shorelines

The Florida Panhandle, Texas Coast, or South Carolina Cost are just a few choices for last minute travelers. The shoreline is an inviting environment any time of year. Families will find a large variety of activities at these destinations. Perhaps even try something new like fishing!

Citieslast minute travel

If you live in a city you may travel to a less busy destination. For many travelers the city is very exciting and their destination choice. Cities like San Diego and Chicago offer may family friendly adventures.

Sporting events, Zoos, Museums, Amusement Parks, Aquariums, Theater, and Legolands are a few ideas. Cities offer a wide variety of opportunities for any age child to have fun.

Historic Venues

Williamsburg, Washington DC, and Boston offer children a chance to step back in time. From a toddler to a teen there are activities and things to do. The bonus for these destinations is the history lesson that comes naturally while having fun. These destinations also have the fun of community pools, hotel pools, and many other community events to offer during your stay.


Life is busy for most everyone. Last minute travel is very common. The most important thing to know is that there are always opportunities for travel. It does not matter is you plan far in advance or if you are that last minute traveler. You will find a destination where you can relax and enjoy time with your family.last minute travel


Have you been a last minute traveler?

Share your experience with us!


  1. Andrew G

    I’ll have to keep that in mind for our last minute travels. That was put together well and I can see how to use all of those points with a myriad of destinations in mind. I would like to try to get away to a private island some day if that’s possible.

    1. Janice

      Private Islands are very relaxing places to vacation or visit for a long weekend.

      Flexibility is the key for your last minute travel plans. Be prepared to go places that are not at the top of your wish list.

      Thank you for visiting the site. I’m glad you found the information useful and hope you will share the article with others!

  2. Funkydunc

    My wife and I often used to use the Australian site of last minute. It gave us great discounts on hotels when we wanted a weekend away. Another option that we have used when looking for an area to stay in a large city is to find a business hotel in a large business district. These hotels are often full all week with business travelers but quite empty on weekends, so hotels are looking to fill rooms by offering great deals.

    Thank you for the interesting post.

    1. Janice

      The last minute site is a very good resource to use. I appreciate your suggestion of the business district hotels. Your point is right on that a hotel located in these areas would be least busy on the weekends. A good thing to keep in mind for travelers.

      I appreciate your visit to the site. Please share with others that will. End fit from the information

  3. Kim

    Last minute traveling with kids! I’ve been there. I love your site. Very good tips and vacation spots.I personally love the beach, but after reading your article,I’m wanting to travel other places as well. Skiing sounds fun. I also recommend travelzoo. You really can’t beat the package deals. Thanks for the info.

    1. Janice

      Thank you Kim for the site visit. I am with you in liking the beach as a vacation destination. Those beach vacations with toddlers are great destinations. We have enjoyed taking on new adventures as our children have grown. They provide memorable experiences as well.

      Travelzoo is a great recommendation for vacation packages

  4. Adam

    This is great!
    There are so many ideas for last minute travel where you can save money and still have a great time.
    I am especially interested in the cruises. They always seemed way too pricey for us, had not even considered last minute deals on these.
    Have you got any favourite destinations?


    1. Janice

      Thank you Adam for the visit.

      There are many last minute cruises to be found. Many cruises sale to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. There are also many cruises to Mexico and Alaska. As you can see I am most familiar with destinations in proximity of the US.

      The key is flexibility and taking what is available in your price range. We planned ahead and booked a cruise for our 10th anniversary a few years back. We met a couple on the cruise that we ate dinner with and they booked just a week before. They had better room accommodations and paid about half of what we did. The deals are there if you have flexibility.

      Best regards, Janice


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