Best Toddler One Day Trips

Best Toddler One Day Tripsbest toddler one day trips

Local places to take your toddler on a one day trip.

Do you and your toddler need a change of scenery? Plan a toddler one day trip! A one day trip is a chance to change your routine and provide a new experience for your toddler. The best toddler one day trips are very close to home. Many toddler day trip destinations are within an hour of your home.

Here are some of the advantages of a day trip.

  • New learning experiences for your toddler
  • Less planning
  • Requires fewer baby gear items
  • Trips work well with a toddlers schedule
  • You can visit at the least busy times of the day
  • Practice for longer vacation travel
  • Free or low cost destinations

The number and variety of opportunities that are available for your toddler one day trips will depend on your location. A greater number of options are available if you live in an urban or surrounding suburban location.

10 Toddler One Day Trip Ideas

Zoo – Nature Center

Toddlers love animals. Animals of all kinds are in toddlers storybooks and are very interesting to them. Zoos are a great place for toddlers to get a close up look at these incredible animals. Toddlers and you have a chance to get exercise and some fresh air. Strollers are a must when toddlers legs do get tired at the end of a long day.

Parks – Indoor Playgroundbest toddler one day trips

Parks provide great activity for toddlers. With careful supervision they begin to explore and build their muscles when climbing and moving. It is important for a toddlers confidence to be able to explore and try new things in their world. Depending on the season of the year outside options may not always be available. Indoor playground locations are in shopping malls, hotels or fast food restaurants that you can use when the weather is not suitable for outside activity.


Toddlers love animals. Fairs are a place that you will find a variety of farm animals. Toddlers love to watch and listen to the animals around them. Petting opportunities will bring real joy to your toddler. Teach your toddler to always ask permission to touch any animals first. Some animals are friendlier than others and you want to keep your child out of harms way. County and states usually have a fair in the summer and early fall in many places.

Beachbest toddler one day trips

Beaches can be found in many locations. Along the ocean, lake, river or even a large pond you can find a beach. Toddlers love water and sand! The practice of manipulating a shovel to put sand in a bucket and dump it are great fine motor skill development activities. The terrain at each beach location is different so be sure that you know where the best location is for your toddlers safety. It is most important to be watchful of your toddlers safety near water. Water shoes are always the best idea for your toddler in beach locations.

State Parks

State Parks, County Parks and Forest Preserves are all great locations for nature walks with toddlers. They love to search for bugs, salamanders, worms and other creatures of nature. Children will often request to bring the insects home with them. Be prepared! There are flowers of many varieties located in the state parks. Many trails are stroller and bike friendly to provide opportunities to get some exercise with your toddler. Research state parks carefully to know how busy the paved trails are. Some are intended for bike travel and would not be suitable for your toddler to walk or run in those locations.

Botanical Gardens – Nature Center

Flowers abound in a botanical garden. Botanical gardens provide less crowded opportunities for your toddler to wander and smell the flowers. The colors and varieties will catch their eye. There are also plenty of bugs and insects for them to encounter as well. It is important that you know the rules about touching and picking flowers before you explore in the gardens.

Children’s Museum

Children’s Museums are hands-on places for exploration. Check the museums website ahead of time to find those exhibits that would best fit your child’s abilities. Most exhibits will accommodate a variety of age levels. Some museums will separate exhibits by age so that all ages have a chance to explore fully. Children’s museums provide water activities, crafts, listening and learning spaces, climbing and building areas for toddlers to explore. Seasonal exhibits are also popular at the museums.

The Librarybest toddler one day trips

This destination is often overlooked and every town usually has one. Libraries plan special activities every month for toddlers to be engaged in. There is space for exploration and looking at many types of books. Many libraries will have a small hands-on area for toddlers. The library provides quieter activity choices for your toddler. The bonus for a library visit is that they can take books home with them to continue their learning at home.

Farm – Berry Farm – Orchard – Pumpkin Patch

These are places that may not be available in every area and not available year round. Farms and orchards are terrific nature locations where toddlers can learn. Farms offer opportunities for toddlers to be around and pet small farm animals. Often they have petting pens with baby animals for toddlers to pet. Berry farms and orchards will provide hand-on fruit picking. Your child will be tempted to eat some of these fruits. Carefully monitor how many berries are eaten. Hay rides tours are included in farm and orchard locations.

Water Parks

Water Parks can be a year round activity in many locations with indoor water parks. There are special places in water parks that are for toddlers and very small children. Your child may find a small fountain fascinating for hours. Toddlers love to stand over the the spout and stop the water. Young children are intrigued that they can not make it stop or have any control over it. The slides and water activities are sized appropriately for toddlers.

Checklist for Successbest toddler one day trips

  • Water and juice
  • Snacks and lunch
  • Stroller
  • Carrier
  • Wipes
  • Change of Clothes
  • Toys needed based on destination
  • Camera

These trips are great experiences for the parents as well as the toddlers. A change of scenery is good for everyone. Watching your child grow and discover are wonderful memories to create and keep!

What are your toddler day trips destinations? Share your successes and your challenges in taking day trips with your toddler.



  1. Uwais Aboo

    Toddlers can very taxing and these ideas are just amazing. Taking them outdoors can sometimes be the best way to take out and keep them occupied. Another great place is the library – a great way to engage the child into reading at a young age.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Day trips for toddlers will not always fill a whole 8 hour day.

      I love your library suggestion. Libraries are great places for toddlers. They have great books to look at and choose from. Many libraries have great hands on areas for toddler age children as well. This kind of interaction is great for their development.

      I’m glad you gained some ideas fro the article and hope you will share the article with others that you know would benefit from reading it.

  2. Jeremy

    These are some great ideas for day trips. I like to take my son to the pool, parks, and the library. I have yet to take him to our local botanical gardens I never thought of that as a place to bring a toddler but once it cools off a little I think we will give that a try! Another idea I like is the pumpkin patch, that is right around the corner so I definitely think we will do that this year.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      I like your ideas. More additions to my list! The list is and endless one for sure.

      Day trips with toddlers don’t really fill an 8 hour day. Trips also should be close to home so the trips can be easily incorporated into their routine. Your suggestion of the pumpkin patch will be a great fall trip. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  3. Chris

    These are some terrific ideas. When my kids were toddlers, we did many of the things you mentioned here. They were definitely great experiences. I know way too many people though with toddlers who are scared to leave the house and be adventurous. I will surely be sharing with them, among others!

    Thanks! Chris

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Thank you for the support.

      One of the reasons for my site is exactly what you shared. Too many parents of toddlers are afraid to leave the house and do activities with their children. Toddlers need that stimulation and exploration outside of their immediate surrounding.

      Please share the site with others if you found it helpful.

  4. udoh


    Thank you for sharing this information. I have two toddlers that are super active and taking them outside of the house is hectic. I am going to apply some of the tips you provide here on our next outing.

    Thanks again.

    1. Janice Martin (Post author)

      Toddlers are definitely active on every level. Planning is key to doing most everything with toddlers. Being aware of their schedule is another key to success. Day trips with toddlers are sometimes only half day trips depending on how it fits with their schedule.

      Good luck with your adventures. Please share this article with others that could benefit from the information.


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