Best Reasons for a Toddler Travel Bed

Best Reasons for a Toddler Travel Bed

Your toddler’s comfort is the most important reason to purchase a toddler travel bed. A well-rested toddler is more flexible with changes in their routine and daily schedule. Often traveling will require a slightly different schedule than what the toddler is used to at home. For that reason, it is important to find the most comfortable bed possible for your toddler to sleep in. This article will look at the advantages of using a toddler bed when traveling. To look at specific portable toddler beds click here to see a complete review of 12 popular toddler travel beds.

Advantages of having a Toddler Travel Bedtoddler travel bed

  • Safety
    • Your child’s safety is always the number one reason for making any purchase for your toddler. The travel toddler bed that you purchase should be appropriately sized to your child’s height and weight. Toddler beds or a regular twin bed can be too big and provide an opportunity for the toddler to fall out of the bed. One of the popular features of a toddler bed is the compactness of the bed and the portability factor. The toddler bed you use must support the weight of your child without collapsing around them.
  • Familiarity
    • Toddlers need to feel secure for them to be comfortable and safe. Having a bed your toddler has used before with familiar sheets and blankets will provide the needed comfort. They will be ready and willing to go to sleep in those comfortable surroundings. Have your toddler use the travel bed at nap time occasionally so they can become comfortable using it.
  • Reliabletoddler travel bed
    • Be sure it is made of all child safe materials. You want to select BPA free materials, paint that is lead-free and fire-retardant materials. The durability of the toddler travel beds construction is an important factor to consider. You want one that is constructed to withstand the use of you toddler over time. Visit the review page for 12 portable toddler bed reviews.
  • Correctly sized
    • Toddler travel beds come in different sizes and styles. You first need to choose the one that meets the needs of your toddler’s weight and size.  The smart shopper will purchase one that will accommodate their child’s growth for a couple years while providing safety for use now. sides are important for a toddlers bed because they tend to roll during their sleep. Toddlers can roll out of toddler travel beds that sit on the floor. They would likely not injure themselves, but they may roll onto unsanitary conditions on the floor.
  • Easy to Transport
    • The reason for purchasing a toddler travel bed is to take it with you while you travel. A toddler travel bed that is lightweight, compact and easy to assemble is key. A system that completely folds up into a self-contained carrying case is ideal. It can easily be checked for luggage when needed. A bed that is lightweight yet durable is perfect for carrying with the other items needed for travel.
  • Useful for visiting family and friendstoddler travel bed
    • The main reason for purchasing a travel bed is for your travel needs. The need for a comfortable and familiar space for your child to sleep is important for their comfort during travel. The familiarity with their sleeping environment will allow them to get a really good nights sleep and be ready for the next day’s adventure. When your toddler bed is not being used for travel it is available to use for visiting guests in your home with young children. You will be able to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for their stay.
What is your favorite toddler travel bed?  What feature are most important to you?


  1. Chanan

    Great article!
    This is a thing I didn’t think about, as a father with 2 kids, and as someone who travels frequently, I see with those beds solutions for my difficulty traveling with them, they ar usually sleeping with us in the bed, so both of us (parent’s and babies) are not getting the needed comfortability to get a calm sleep.
    I will check out those products, thanks for you great review!

    1. Janice

      It is really important that the travel routine is as close to normal as possible for everyone’s comfort. Providing very young children with their own space will provide the needed rest.

      Check out the reviews and see if there is one that will work for you. For me one of the most important things is portability and ease of use. Many of the manufacturers have figured that out.

      Feel free to share this post with others.

      Good luck in your search.

  2. Jodes

    I have not travelled with young ones for quite some time and back then the folding portable cot was a new thing. There were no toddler beds like these. As I am coming in to being in a time where I will soon become a grandparent I am amazed at these wonderful little bed. Gone are the days of sharing a mattress on the floor with your partner and your squirming, kicking 2 year old. Awesome idea. Now which one to buy? I shall have to have a good look. Thanks for the info. I had no idea these were available and will be doing more research. Will be great for me to keep here for visiting family.

    1. Janice

      Travel has come a long ways. There are many options available to make travel easier.

      You have suggested one of the best reasons for a toddler travel bed. Grandparents keeping one at their house to make it more comfortable and convenient for their family.

      Good luck in your search.

      Feel free to share this article is it was helpful to you!

  3. Tugarcia

    A toddler travel bed is a fantastic idea. That is one less thing to worry about when nap time and bedtime come around. I also visited the top rated toddler beds post and overall, the prices aren’t horrible. I’ve paid more for a dog bed actually. These seem like some comfortable options that are easy to transport, which should make everyone’s lives easier. Thanks for the info.

    1. Janice

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Toddler beds are inexpensive in the big picture. They are convenient and comfortable for children to use. They have become very user-friendly and super easy to transport.

      Please share the site with others that will benefit from the information that is presented.

      Best regards, Janice


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